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Nord Pedal Keys 27

Nord Pedal Keys 27 - Midi pedaal met 27 toetsen met volume pedaal
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Nord Pedal Keys 27 - Add a new dimension to your playing style with the Nord Pedal Keys 27.

The Pedal Keys 27 is a MIDI pedal board with 27 keys, equipped with an integrated swell pedal. The entire unit is housed in a sturdy aluminum chassis that makes it both lightweight and rugged. It communicates via MIDI and can be used with other MIDI compatible equipment.

To use it with a Nord C2 organ, just connect the MIDI on the Pedal Keys 27 to the Bass Pedal MIDI input on the C2 and activate the Bass section on the C2.

The long keys have a wooden finish and a length of 350 mm (13.8"), to facilitate the use of a proper toe-heel technique when playing. The short keys are colored gray in order to provide a better visibility even in a very dark environment.

The Pedal Key 27's range is from C2 to D4, MIDI notes 36 to 62. The Pedal Keys transmit on MIDI channel 3. The swell pedal is easily mounted on the top panel, providing you with a comfortable and direct access to this important functionality. The resistance of the pivotal travel of the pedal can be set by using two internal adjustment screws inside the pedal housing.


  • 27 keys, range C2 to D4 (MIDI note 36 to 62)
  • Transmitting MIDI Channel: 3
  • Swell pedal resistance: 10 kOhm
  • Swell pedal cable length: Approximately 2000 mm (78.7")


  • 1055 (41.5") x 320 (12.6") x 620 (24.4") mm (W x H x D), with the swell pedal mounted in place.


  • 15,5 kg (34lbs)


  • Assembly manual
  • MIDI cable
  • Power adapter, 9 volt DC


  • Nord Pedal Keys Soft Case

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