Quiklok M-91

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 Quiklok M91 (Boston KS420)

The "MONOLITH" represents all of the requirements of
today's keyboard players by incorporating a blend of form
functionality and lightweight portability.

Form: A revolutionary patent-pending design concept
developed by a team of Italian engineers and designers.

Function: The unencumbered shape allows keyboard
players to freely perform without any restrictions

Foldable: Form and function are combined in a stand
that literally folds flat securely in seconds to a compact and conveniently transportable size.

Other key features that make the Monolith the most complete keyboard stand ever developed:

Height adjustable tiers
Computer-welded, lightweight steel
M-2 Optional second tier set
Limited lifetime warranty

"THE MONOLITH" Single-Tier Keyboard Structure

Front to back top tier depth: 14.56"- 37 cm
Front to back bottom leg depth: 16.53"-42cm
Side to side width: 33.46"-85cm
Top to bottom height positions(9): from 26.2" to 36"
from 66.5 to 91.5cm Weight capacity: 200lb -90 kg
Weight: 23.3lb -10.5kg
Color: Black